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Who Cares?

                                             They Do!

                                                                                       By Charles Alexander

           Philippians 2:4. not looking to your own                Shortly afterward, Julie Watts was hired
        interests but each of you to the interests of the       as the Parish Nurse, to be shared by both
        others.                                                 RCC and TEP. She was put in charge of
                                                                the Ministry of Caring, and was asked to
           While attending a funeral recently,
                                                                coordinate a group of volunteers who would
        I remarked to a visitor that we are an
                                                                provide assistance to people who were dealing
        ecumenical community. Rather than focusing
                                                                with medical or personal issues. Ministry of
        on our differences, we celebrate that which we
                                                                Caring provides short term help for people in
        all share in common.
                                                                urgent need, and it’s done through a network
           Resurrection Catholic Church was formed              of volunteers, called “Care Leaders”. Each of
        in a local living room. Thanks to a generous            them is assigned to his or her local area, to
        offer from the folks at Bethlehem United                look after their neighbors.
        Methodist Church, the budding parish began
                                                                   For example, if someone was recovering
        holding services in the BUMC sanctuary,
                                                                from surgery and was house bound, a MOC
        eventually erecting their own church building.
                                                                volunteer would provide transportation to
        In a desire to continue this tradition, RCC
                                                                doctor appointments. Or perhaps that person
        paid it forward, by inviting the newly formed
                                                                may be unable to drive temporarily, and
        Trinity Ecumenical Parish to use their
                                                                would need a ride to church for a few weeks.
        sanctuary to begin holding services. Since
                                                                They may provide meals, transportation, light
        then, the two churches have been inexorably
                                                                cleaning, light yard work, run errands, or just
        linked in the spirit of community service.
                                                                pay personal visits, depending on individual
           A strong bond had thus formed between                needs. They send each parishioner a Christmas
        the congregations of both churches. Pastor              post card every year, just to stay in touch.
        Gary Scheidt and Sister Betty Bagan, the
                                                                   They drew geographic areas on a map of the
        leaders of both parishes, decided that they
                                                                lake, forming 22 Ministry of Caring zones,
        would form a Health Board to jointly meet
                                                                with approximately 20 parish families in each.
        the needs of their constituents. It was in this
                                                                Each of these areas was supervised by a Care
        very spirit of cooperation that the Ministry of
                                                                Leader (formerly known as a Community
        Caring came into being, over 25 years ago.
                                                                Leader) who would identify those who were
           John 12:26. Whoever serves me must follow            in need, and coordinate volunteers to provide
        me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My         services.
        Father will honor the one who serves me.
                                                                   Julie eventually left her position as Parish

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