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      later to the rehab facility, so that she would be       his weekly medication. This takes exactly 10
      able to visit him.                                      minutes once a week, and his Care Leader has
                                                              elected to provide this service for an extended
         Becki fondly recalls the story of a lady
                                                              period of time, because it is not a huge
      parishioner to whom she had become deeply
                                                              commitment, but it allows this man to remain
      attached. This dear lady had become quite
                                                              in his own home.
      frail, and needed transportation to a health
      care appointment. Becki contacted her Care                 Becki and JoAnn stress the importance of
      Leader, who in turn got in touch with this              using discretion to their volunteers. While
      lady, only to learn that she had an immediate           they don’t object to offering longer term or
      and more pressing health care concern. The              extended assistance, they still need to be able
      Care Leader dropped everything, took her in,            to make themselves available to as many folks
      stayed with her, and later brought her back             as they can, who may also need their help.
      home. She has become very attached to this              Part of that discretion is respecting the privacy
      lovely lady, and is committed to seeing her             of their clients, which presents a difficulty:
      through her upcoming care.                              In order to be of service, they need to be
                                                              aware of the need to start with. Sometimes,
         Perhaps their most rewarding experience
                                                              the need is realized through word of mouth.
      involved a family whose single mom had
                                                              They also routinely scan the prayer lists in the
      COVID. They delivered groceries and a meal
                                                              church bulletins, in addition to making regular
      to these folks, who were very appreciative.
                                                              contact with the people in their areas.
      In another case, they provided dinner to the
      grieving son of a deceased parishioner. He was             If you have been touched by these
      so lonely that he asked them to sit and eat             stories, and would like to volunteer for the
      with him, which they did, as he regaled them            Ministry of Caring, your help would be most
      with stories about his family. The next day,            appreciated.
      they brought him groceries.
                                                                 Becki Fuzi can be reached at
         You never know who you might meet here               (
      at the lake, and serving in the MOC is one
                                                                 Cell: (540) 355-2468
      way to do it. One of the services that they
      provide is respite care, which involves giving             JoAnn Ackermann (jofrankack@gmail.
      a short-term break to a long term caregiver.
      In one case, the patient was a delightful 97
      year old World War II veteran Air Force Pilot.             Cell: (757) 218-4878
      He has memory issues, but on a good day, his
                                                                 You may also call either church office:
      MOC volunteer enjoyed his conversation. On
      other days, they would watch old John Wayne                Resurrection Catholic Church  (540) 297-
      movies together.                                        5530

         One of the more unusual cases involves
                                                                 Trinity Ecumenical Parish (540) 721-4330
      another 97 year old gentleman, who is almost
      entirely self-sufficient: He drives, shops for             Matthew 25:40 “Truly I say to you, as you did
      groceries, and cooks his own meals. His only            it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did
      need is for someone to supervise the set up of          it to me”

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