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Who Cares They Do!  CONTINUED

      Nurse, and was replaced by Tami Akin,                  That said, some volunteers do elect to go
      who retired in 2020, at the beginning of the           above and beyond what is asked of them, but
      COVID pandemic. MOC services were                      they do so completely at their own discretion.
      necessarily suspended during that time,
                                                                Originally, MOC Care Leaders would
      but after a decline in the transmission rate,
                                                             contact parishioners in their assigned areas
      they resumed. Naturally, this required the
                                                             twice a year by phone, but with the advent of
      adoption of safety precautions, especially
                                                             technology, it is now often done via e-mail,
      when providing meals.
                                                             text, and electronic cards. These regular
         Neither church has elected to continue              contacts are designed to remind folks about
      using a parish nurse, so the duties of running         MOC, as well as to check up on people who
      MOC have recently been assumed by JoAnn                may need them. They are now in the process
      Ackermann                                                                            of strategizing
      of RCC, and                                                                          for expanding
      Becki Fuzi of                                                                        MOC services,
      TEP. JoAnn                                                                           updating lists of
      coordinates                                                                          parishioners, and
      Bedford                                                                              using creative
      County, and                                                                          new means of
      Becki is in                                                                          expanding public
      charge of                                                                            awareness of
      Franklin                                                                             MOC.
                                                                                             Naturally, many
         As the                                                                            volunteers have
      lake area                                                                           discovered that acts
      population has grown, the need for Care                of service to others can be their own reward.
      Leaders has necessarily increased. There are           They tell stories of how they have been
      now 40 Care Leaders, who serve 692 families            touched by their experiences. In one case, a
      with the help of 166 volunteers. In the past           very nice lady suffered a fall, which resulted
      3 years, there has been significant turnover           in fractures and other injuries. Her Care
      in the ranks, as well as a 38% increase in the         Leader went to the hospital with her, paying
      number of Care Leaders. Therefore, MOC                 her subsequent visits later on, even including
      has a lot of new faces, so JoAnn and Becki             an overnight stay. She kept in contact with
      are very busy ladies, and they could use even          this lady’s family, keeping them up to date
      more help.                                             on her condition. Several other Care Leaders
                                                             sent her get well cards while she was in a
         One of the challenges that they face is to
                                                             rehabilitation facility.
      make sure that their volunteers understand
      that MOC is designed to provide temporary                 In another case, a gentleman with a
      help, and direct their clients to more long            memory condition was taken to the hospital
      term solutions if needed. This ensures that            because of his behavioral issues. Because his
      the volunteers are able to address the needs of        wife doesn’t drive, MOC volunteers provided
      their neighbors without being overwhelmed.             her with transportation to the hospital, and

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