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security.                                               parents whose only explanation was “Because I
                                                                said so”? Why do we allow bureaucratic drones to
           I shouldn’t really be surprised. Our country
                                                                similarly dismiss our questions and concerns? I’d
        is in the hands of people who demanded full
                                                                like to think that those of us who are not children
        protection of the Constitution for foreign
                                                                deserve and should demand better answers. Why
        terrorists, but not for mostly peaceful protestors.
                                                                don’t we?
        I must draw a distinction here between protestors
        who were ACTUALLY mostly peaceful, and                     I suppose it’s because we want to believe

        those who were merely described as such by the          that the people in charge will do right by us.
        lapdogs in the mainstream media.                        It’s discomfiting to accept the notion that
                                                                government in this country is anything but
           “Certainly anyone who has the power to make
                                                                benevolent. Yet, we now have more government
        you believe absurdities has the power to make you
                                                                bureaucrats who are armed with automatic
        commit injustices”
                                                                weapons than we have U.S. Marines. Should we

             ~Voltaire                                          take the Alfred E. Neumann approach to this
                                                                when an IRS agent shows up at our door with a
           How far down the rabbit hole have we fallen?
                                                                machine gun, and say “What – me worry?”
        For how long will we continue to listen to those
        who tell us all to go to hell, but in such a way that      It is long past time in this country to shrink
        we should believe that we will enjoy the trip?          our burgeoning bureaucracy and champion the
                                                                rights of the individual over those of the state. If
           As the nameless, faceless bureaucrats in
                                                                you disagree, I’d appreciate it if you would provide
        government continue to defy the Bill of Rights
                                                                an example of ANY country in history in which
        almost in its entirety, how long will we all sit
                                                                a strong-arm government produced peace and
        idly by? How much longer will the ramblings
                                                                prosperity for its citizens.
        of the talking heads in the media be accepted as
        undeniable truth? When will it be time to say              Alluding to my previous column in which I
        “enough!”?                                              referenced the proverbial old lady who swallowed
                                                                a fly, I have to believe that we may finally be
           I often wonder how people can demand
                                                                swallowing a horse. My virtual crystal ball is
        rigorous control of their fellow citizens, while
                                                                telling me that all of what is happening now
        simultaneously celebrating freedom. It would
                                                                is merely a precursor to the implementation of
        seem that in these cases, freedom is in the eye
                                                                Agenda 2030 (formerly titled: Agenda 21). We
        of the beholder. Few people understand that
                                                                have now reached the point at which the United
        restricting one man’s speech is an infringement
                                                                Nations had hoped to have us enable this agenda.
        upon the speech of all men. How is it that in
                                                                I won’t spoil the surprise; rather than take my
        a public forum, only certain opinions, or even
                                                                word for it, visit the UN website and read up on
        statements of fact, can be determined to be
                                                                it. Nothing is more effective than hearing the
                                                                truth straight from the horse’s mouth… which we
           The weak-minded among us favor silencing             need to do rather than swallowing said beast.
        their opposition over engaging in honest debate.
        How many of us rebelled when being raised by

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