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Editor’s Note

                                                              By Tim Ernandes

         You’re never too old to learn something new.         thousands of businesses and sent millions to the
                                                              unemployment line has now graciously granted
         I just learned that recently. For most of my
                                                              permission for those people to return to work…
      life, I had labored under the misapprehension
                                                              yet, not all of them have. This, we are told, is “job
      that when the cost of everything rises, and the
      value of a dollar falls, this phenomenon was called
      “inflation”, and that two consecutive quarters of          “Thank you, sir – may I have another.”
      negative growth was called a “recession”. What a
                                                                 We, the ungrateful and unwashed, are being
      fool I’ve been.
                                                              chided to express our undying gratitude. After all,
         I thank ouromniscient overlords for correcting       prices at the pumps have gone down a few cents,
      my misunderstanding. They have pointed out that         albeit at the expense of our strategic oil reserves.
      when prices rise, supplies fall, and the dollar loses   Never mind that they skyrocketed up to nearly
      value, this is called “a booming economy”. Why          double under the same guiding hand.
      have I never realized this?
                                                                 Our Dear Leader has been relegated to making
         The Great Ones in the Hallowed Halls of              recorded speeches for public consumption, with

      Government have also helped me to realize that          the obvious need for editing between sentences.
      oil and gas that come from other countries will         The people in his administration are famous for
      not harm the planet, but the same resources             mocking their opponents for their alleged lack of
      derived from within our own territories will. How       public speaking ability, and/or their intelligence.
      could I have been so blind?                             Obviously, much of their PR strategy has been
                                                              derived from screenings of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.
         “How many fingers am I holding up,
      Winston?”                                                  I’ve also learned that even though it’s possible

                                                              for a former Secretary of State to knowingly
         “How – how many do you want me to see?”
                                                              mishandle classified documents, it’s hardly worth
         We are being asked to believe that a foreign         bothering to prosecute her. At the same time,
      dictator with imperial designs has somehow              it is yet unthinkable for a former President of
      managed to disrupt our supply chains and ability        the United States to be protected by the 4th
      to produce our own fuels. We are told that              Amendment. After all, what difference – at this

      millions of jobs have been “created”. How? Well,        point, what difference does it make? It would
      that same friendly government that shut down            seem that full transparency is a danger to national

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