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Stalin’s miraculous economic engine were a              encouraged by the American correspondent
        closely guarded secret.                                 to agree. He does, and is shipped back to
           He enlisted the aid of a fellow journalist

        who was in Moscow, and who was also eager                  Once safely in the UK, Jones breaks his
        to learn more. This gentleman calls him on the          promise and reports the truth. Some media
        phone, and tells him that he has uncovered              outlets are unwilling to believe it; others
        the truth, and is eager to share it with him.           believe it but fear the backlash that would be
        The unfortunate correspondent soon vanishes,            sure to come if they dared to report it.

        having made the serious error of disclosing his
                                                                   In short, Jones was branded a liar by the
        discovery over the well-monitored telephone
                                                                mainstream media, otherwise known today
                                                                as “the only credible news sources”. The
           Jones is so determined to learn the secret           American correspondent who played along
        that he applies for permission to go to                 with the Soviets and patronized Jones was
        Moscow, where he is greeted by an American              none other than Pulitzer Prize winning

        correspondent, who carefully steers Jones to            Walter Duranty of the New York Times.
        pre-approved functions. He parrots the Soviet           There are your “credible news sources”.
        party line, and tries to distract his guest with
                                                                   Duranty’s complicity with the Soviets
        parties featuring sex and narcotics.
                                                                was eventually learned, but he suffered no ill
           Naturally, this frustrates Jones, and he             consequences, and was never stripped of his
        manages to forge a ‘permission slip’ for him to         Pulitzer Prize, which had been awarded for

        visit the Ukraine. This alarms the local party          his fabricated reports of the glories of the
        apparatchiks, and they arrange a carefully              USSR.
        guided tour to the home of a Ukrainian
                                                                   For his part, although banned from the
        commissar. When the train takes him to the
                                                                Soviet Union, Gareth Jones continued his
        Ukraine, he gives his host the slip and melts
                                                                search for truth in the Far East, and was
        into the countryside. He discovers to his
                                                                ambushed and killed in Mongolia, ostensibly
        horror that the so-called “miracle” is the result
                                                                by Soviet operatives.
        of a combination of slave labor and mass
        starvation of the people who produced the                  If all of that sounds uncomfortably familiar,
        wheat.                                                  it should. Suppression of free speech may
                                                                seem at times innocent or even noble, but the
           After a series of misadventures, he finds
                                                                truth is that it is the handmaiden of tyranny.
        himself in prison, along with some British
                                                                Freedom of speech is essential to our republic.
        engineers who had been contracted to build
                                                                That means that we need to tolerate all forms
        electric power plants. They had been arrested
                                                                of speech, including those that we don’t like.
        and accused of espionage. Jones is promised
                                                                Once government becomes the arbiter of
        that they will be spared if and only if he does
                                                                truth, true freedom is lost.
        not report the details of his findings, and
        instead parrots the Soviet party line. He is

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