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        Things are heating up here at the lake, and it’s our                           TheTeam
        time to enjoy our beautiful lake!

        Hopefully, we can shed all the trappings of COVID                                  Tim Ernandes
        and enjoy the best time of the year. In this issue you
        will find some handy information to help you stay                                      SALES

        safe and happy while out on the water, in addition                                Frank Ernandes
        to our usual complement of fun and interesting                                  GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                                                           Brandt Harrell

        Happy Summer!                    On the Cover, Captain
                                         “Midnight” Barry of Sea Tow                     CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                                        Charles Alexander

                                                                                              Nic Barta
                                                                                           Kate Hofstetter
                                                                                              Bob King
                                                                                              Bob Siren
                                                              Summer 2021
                                                              Summer 2021
                                                                                            Janet Baker


                                                                                               Eric Hill

                      Summertime!                                                  Discover Smith Mountain Lake, LLC
                           In This Issue:
                           In This Issue:
                          • SML Sea Tow • Purple Martins • Kate’s Corner
                          • SML Sea Tow • Purple Martins • Kate’s Corner
                          • Weeder’s Digest • Summer Movie Previews
                          • Weeder’s Digest • Summer Movie Previews
                          • Fisherman’s Almanac • SML Water Safety
                          • Fisherman’s Almanac • SML Water Safety
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