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I remarked to my brother that it may have            Sadly, had he known, we might have gotten
        been better to wait, but he insisted that in two        a lot closer to the team. I then requested a
        stops, the train would be nearly empty. He              personal introduction to Keith Hernandez.

        was right.                                              There may have been a slight threat of bodily
                                                                harm behind that request.
           Suddenly, as he had predicted, the car
        was much less crowded, and I was one of                    Danny complied, and seconds later I
        the few who remained standing. I glanced                found myself shaking hands with Keith and

        casually toward the rear of the car, and did a          Gary. They seemed just as interested in my
        double take. All the way at the end of the car,         impending radio station purchase as I was in
        I saw Keith Hernandez, one of the greatest              talking to them. It was a wonderfully relaxed

        baseball players in Mets history, also standing         exchange, in which we discussed the game,
        up. To his left sat Gary Cohen, a longtime              and it was just as if we were old friends sitting
        Mets broadcaster. To Cohen’s left, and to my            at a table and chatting.
        amazement, stood one of my best buddies
                                                                   This scenario occurred to me as I watched
        from my college days.
                                                                those same two gentlemen call this game. I
           “Danny!” I shouted. He didn’t seem to hear           realized that they wouldn’t even be shaking
        me.                                                     hands with each other, let alone some star
                                                                struck stranger, and that in any case none of
           Dan Reagan was the sports director at my
                                                                us would have been at the ballpark or on that
        college radio station. He had gone on to work
                                                                train afterward.
        at Sports Channel in NY for the Mets and
        Yankees, and later in Atlanta for the Braves.              Now I wonder what the future holds. I
        He was an accomplished TV sports director,              am not afraid of shaking hands, but I am

        and had just happened to be filling in that day         certain that plenty of others are. What has
        for the vacationing Bill Webb.                          this pandemic done to our interpersonal
           I called out to him again, and he seemed

        unaware of me. Then my wife joined in, as she              When will we feel comfortable enough to
        had met Dan during one of his frequent visits           shake hands, to hug one another, or to gather
        to the lake. Still, he paid no attention to us.         together in solidarity and friendship?

           Finally, Keith leaned over in his direction,            I understand people’s fears, but why have we

        and said, “Danny, I think those people over             not been similarly fearful of other threats to our
        there must know you.”                                   lives and health? We have learned to accept that
                                                                life has attendant risks, yet in this one instance
           He glanced in our direction and was
                                                                we are willing to forsake our social needs in
        stunned. He rushed over to me and said,
                                                                a vain attempt to create a sterile world. Is it
        “What are you doing here?”
                                                                really worth it?
           I told him that we had been at the game.

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