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Never Too Late CONTINUED
      N e v e r T o o L a t e C O NTINUED

      course that’s where I had to be if I was going          had Marcie and Pelican Point on speed dial
      to be on a boat.  As the years went by, we              in his phone, so he asked Marcie to keep us in

      traveled to the coast and the mountains, and            mind if something that would be perfect for
      went through several other sailboats as well,           us became available.  We got a call from her
      so as we began to slow down, it was time to             a few weeks later, saying that she might be
      make a decision.  This was also prompted by a           getting a Hunter 33.5 that we might want to
      hip replacement, and then a knee replacement            check out.  That one would be larger than our

      a couple of years ago, so we thought it was             previous boats, and when he told me all about
      time to sell the boat and enjoy our home in             it he said, “It’s kind of old though”.
      Asheboro. I also have a small business there
                                                                 My reply was, “So are we!”
      as a floral designer, and my husband teaches
      at our college.  We told Marcie to sell the last           We made the two-hour drive to see the
      boat, and she did so very quickly.                      boat, and as soon Marcie opened it up, floating
                                                              on “A” dock back in the cove, we knew that it
         This past spring marked our fifty-
                                                              was just what we both wanted.
      third wedding anniversary. As Steve was
      approaching 75 and I was nearly 73, he said to             So Steve and I both smile when thinking
      me “What do you want for our anniversary?”              about memories of our times at Smith
      He thought that I might want a trip or a                Mountain Lake, and now we are looking

      cruise.  But I replied that I knew exactly what         forward to making more memories at what we
      we needed: a sailboat at Smith Mountain                 call our “Happy Place”.
      Lake.  His eyes lit up, and he said that he still

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