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course to blame leadership for not doing enough         at Columbia University in 1966. In a nutshell,
        to prevent its spread.                                  it suggests overwhelming the welfare state by
                                                                making as many people as possible dependent
           Now there are people who claim that this
                                                                on the government for their subsistence. They
        virus was intentionally produced in order to harm
                                                                believed that doing so would overload the welfare
        the world economy, and in particular, that of the
                                                                state to the point of collapse, which would then
        United States. We don’t know that for certain,
                                                                pave the way for a socialist state with a guaranteed
        but if I were interested in establishing totalitarian
                                                                universal basic income.
        rule, and this handy tool fell into my lap, I believe
        that I would use it to my advantage.                       This pandemic would surely come in handy as
                                                                a tool to realize that goal. By forcing people to
           I believe that I would create as much fear as
                                                                stay home, and forcing businesses to close, I could
        possible in the general public, not only of this
                                                                create economic duress. I could then relieve that
        virus, but of how easily it could spread. Steven
                                                                duress by giving “emergency relief ”, but not just
        Spielberg (JAWS) and Ridley Scott (ALIEN)
                                                                to some – to everyone. Naturally, this would create
        clearly demonstrated that there’s nothing that is
                                                                conflict between those who truly needed help
        so frightening to us as an unseen enemy. To that
                                                                and those who didn’t. If I continued to extend the
        end, people would need to be afraid, not only of
                                                                perceived threat to health and safety, more long-
        those who were sick, but also those who were
                                                                term solutions would be justified.
        carrying the virus without any signs or symptoms

        of illness. Thus, no matter whom you touched, you          Eventually, many businesses that had been
        could become infected.                                  forced to close “temporarily” would be forced
                                                                to close permanently. Unemployment would
           The severity of the illness would also need to
                                                                skyrocket. I think, for added measure, that I would
        be made clear. Therefore, I would make every
                                                                make unemployment as lucrative as possible, to
        effort to blame as many deaths as 'possible on the
                                                                discourage people from finding alternative work
        virus, in order to artificially inflate the death rate.
                                                                or starting their own independent businesses.
        I would also take steps to blur any demographic
                                                                I’d be paying the people with money that I don’t
        distinctions among victims. Anyone can get it,
                                                                have… so I’d just keep printing more. This would
        and anyone who contracts it could die.
                                                                result in an inflationary spiral, and with any luck,
           One of the hallmarks of the totalitarian state       economic collapse.
        is fierce loyalty to the state, which is managed by
                                                                   Lucky for you, dear readers, I am not in charge
        fear. Neighbors betray neighbors, friends turn on
                                                                of anything… and even if I were, I have no desire
        friends, and children turn in their parents. Thus
                                                                to make any of this happen. I’m only telling you
        when the state speaks, people obey. I would find
                                                                what I would do if I were in charge, and I desired
        ways to encourage such behavior.
                                                                a totalitarian state.
           If I wanted to create a totalitarian state, I
                                                                   Rest easy, my friends.
        would employ the Cloward – Piven strategy,
        which was formulated by two sociology professors

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